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Cameby Downs Coal Mine

Cameby Downs Coal Mine consists of an open-pit mine located near Chinchilla in Southwest Queensland. The mine covers anarea of approximately 287 square kilometers. The construction of the mine commenced in 2009 and commercial production started inlate 2010. Cameby Downs Mine produces thermal coal and the averagethickness of Cameby Downs Coal Mine was 4 meters. As of December 31, 2013, Cameby Downs Coal Mine had JORC-compliantreserves of approximately 276.5 million tonnes. As of the same date, the mine’s marketable coal reserves were approximately275 million tonnes.

Currently,Cameby Downs Coal Mine has raw coal annual production capacity of 1.8 million tonnes and productcapacity of approximately 1.4 million tonnes product coal.Cameby Downs Coal Mine has a coal handling preparation plant with an annual capacity of approximately 220 TPH, andutilizes medium-heavy cyclones and flotation cells which are primarily manufactured in Australia. The operations at the mine arepowered by electricity from the local power grid. The Company transports coal products from Cameby Downs Coal Mine to Brisbane Port viarailway.