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A safe production process has always been a high priority within Yanzhou Coal. The basis of the company's approach to safety is an integrated combination of safety culture, a pre-control system for support, and a refined system of emergency management.

Safety at Yanzhou Coal is managed on the concept of "people-oriented, prevention-focused safety development" – and especially to the promotion of a safety culture 'ingrained' at all levels of the company and all aspects of daily activities.

The Company continuously strengthen the technology-supported system. In order to effectively minimise major disasters like the spontaneous combustion of coal seams, gas, coal ash and bump, the Company has developed LongwallTopcoal Caving Technology (LTCC, with independent intellectual property rights), which is applicable for mining coal seam with iron sulphide nodule and hard partings. The Company developed advance hydraulic shield,comprehensive bolt and development technology for development in coal seam, comprehensive mechanised equipment for development roadways in rocks as well, to facilitate the realization of safe and efficient production.

In 2013, the death rate per million tons of the Company is zero. As at December 31, 2013, the Company has continuously safely operated for 2741 days.