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Nomination committee

The nomination committee of the Board of Yanzhou Coal Mining Company Limited was established and Mr. Poon Chiu Kwok, Mr.Li Wei and Mr. Tian Hui were appointed as members of the nomination committee. Mr. Poon Chiu Kwok was appointed as the chairman of the nomination committee.

The nomination committee is responsible to the Board of the Company. The human resources department of the Company is the working department of the nomination committee.

According to the domestic and overseas supervisory regulations, the nomination committee’s main responsibilities include: 

(1) offering proposals on framework, number of people and members constitution of the Board in accordance with Company’s operation, assets scale and equity structure;

(2) studying the selection criteria and procedures of directors and managers, and offering proposals;

(3) extensively searching for suitable candidates for directors and managers of the Company, and offering proposals to the Board; 

(4) reviewing the candidates for directors and managers and offering proposals to the Board; 

(5) offering proposals to the Board regarding the appointments and succession of directors and managers; 

(6) assessing the independence of independent non-executive directors; 

(7) performing other responsibilities authorized by the Board of the Company.