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High-end equipment manufacturing

Yankuang Energy fully implements the New Development Philosophy, seek both external and internal improvement, and pay equal emphasis on industrial operation and capital operation, fostering five major industries of mining, high-end chemicals and new materials, new energy, high-end equipment manufacturing, and intelligent logistics, and building three major operating bases of Shandong, Shaanxi &Inner Mongolia and Australia. Looking ahead, it will work to achieve an annual coal production capacity of 300 million tons in 5-10 years, and build more than 8 green and intelligent mining coal mines each with a production capacity of over 10 million tons. The annual output of chemicals products will exceed 20 million tons. The vision is to realize 3 million kW of installed capacity of wind and solar power by the end of the “fourteenth five-year plan” (2021-2025), and 10 million kW in 5-10 years.

High-end equipment manufacturing:Yankuang Energy puts efforts to develop high-end coal machinery manufacturing and other advantageous traditional industries, seeks the establishment of "Intelligent Manufacturing Park" with high standards, and joins hands with leading enterprises in the industry to develop 7 types of high-end intelligent manufacturing products, namely the electro-hydraulic control system for intelligent hydraulic support, the intelligent hydraulic pump station, high-end conveyors, intelligent coal preparation equipment and others. It is sparing no efforts to expand the industrial chains of intelligent equipment manufacturing and accelerate the pace of becoming a comprehensive solution provider for intelligent mining. The Company has successfully developed comprehensive performance test-platform for 50,000 KN hydraulic support with the most complete functions and the largest loading capacity in China. It has also produced a 10-meter ultra-large mining height hydraulic support prototype whose parameters are world-leading, such as working resistance and mining height.

Founded in 2013, Yankuang Donghua Heavy Industry Co., Ltd is located in Zoucheng, Shandong Province. Donghua Heavy Industry is a large-size modern coal machinery manufacturer that is specialized in R&D and design, manufacturing, maintenance and technical services of coal machinery.Donghua Heavy Industry boasts five leading product series, namely support products (mainly hydraulic supports and single hydraulic support), mining products (mainly roadheaders and coal cutters), conveyor products (mainly chain conveyors and belt conveyors), electrical products (mainly switchgear, explosion-proof electrical appliances) and rubber and plastic products(mainly cables and high-pressure hoses). Donghua Heavy Industry has independently developed the ZY21000 hydraulic support, which is the world's first set of applied hydraulic support with the largest mining height and working resistance. Donghua Heavy Industry has independently developed the mobile belt conveyor for mine uses with the largest bandwidth of 1.8 meters in China. Donghua Heavy Industry’s products have been sold to the provinces where major coal producers are in China and to Russia, Peru, Vietnam, India and other countries.

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