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Business Segments by Locations

  • Australia

    Operations in Australia:It mainly operate9 production coal mines including Moolarben, HVO, MTW and Yarrabee and4 coal resources exploration projects, which are located in NSW, Queensland and Western Australia, with an annual production capacity totaled79.3 million tons. Besides, it holds30% equity of Port Waratah Coal Services,27% equity of Newcastle Coal Infrastructure Group, and9.7% equity of Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal Pty Ltd, among others.

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  • Shaanxi

    Operations in Shaanxi: Shaanxi Future Energy and Chemical Co., Ltd. was established in February 2011. It operates the 1 million tons per year coal indirect liquefaction demonstration project and the supporting Jinjitan Coal Mine. The coal liquefaction project owns a coal liquefaction unit with the largest unit production capacity in China. The Company is China’s only enterprise that masters both low-temperature and high-synthesis technologies. Among them, the high-temperature FT synthesis technology produces high-end fine chemicals products such as polyolefins, lubricating base oils, high-carbon alcohols and octane, which is produced firstlyin China. Jinjitan Coal Mine is a both flagship and demonstration mine in China,featuring a technology advanced and intelligent mining. According to Chinese national standards, itsgeological reserve is 1.827 billion tons, the designed recoverable reserve 898 million tons, and the coal production capacity 17 million tons per year.

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  • Shanghai

    Operations in Shanghai: Zhongyin Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. was established in China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone in 2014. Its headquarter is locatedin Pudong, Shanghai. Focusing on strategic emerging industry markets(new-generation ICT, high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy, energy conservation &environmental protection and biology)and traditional fields(aircraft, ships and government projects),it aims to provide customers with all-in-one financial services.

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  • Canada

    Operations in Canada: Yancoal Canada Resources Co., Ltd. was incorporated in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada in August 2011, with a registered capital of US 290 million dollars. As a new strategic region for Yankuang Energy's overseas mineral resource reserves and cross-border growth,it is engaged in the exploration and development of minerals.At present, Yankuang Energy has 6 potashleases in Canada, with a total area of 1,299 square kilometers. The proven high-quality potash resourcesreach 1.7 billion tons, which is the high-quality potash resource ever acquired by a Chinese company abroad with bright development prospects.

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  • Shanxi

    Operations in Shanxi: Shanxi HeshunTianchi Energy Co., Ltd. is located in Heshun County, Jinzhong City of Shanxi Province. In July 2003, it was co-invested and reorganized by the former Yankuang Group Shanxi Neng Hua Co., Ltd. and the governments of Jinzhong City and Heshun County, with a registered capital of RMB90 million. Its businesses are coal mining and deep processing of coal products. The mining area covers 18.7 km2 in total, whilethe designed production capacity is 1.2 million tons per year. It was put into production in November 2006, with a total investment of RMB600 million.

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  • Inner Mongolia

    Operations in Inner Mongolia: Yankuang Energy (Ordos) Co., Ltd., incorporated in 2009,has builta cluster of threemines with annual capacity of 10 million tons each and two large fine coal chemical industrial parks for the past years of development. Its main businesscomprises coal mining and preparation, coal chemicals and efficient and clean comprehensive utilization of coal. Its operation involves different regions and diversified industries.As one of the “three energy bases”of Yankuang Energy, it has grown into a new and diversified energy enterprise striving for comprehensive development of coal and coal chemicals.

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  • Shandong

    Operations in Shandong: The Shandong area is a comprehensive industry base that integrates industry and financing. In Shandong, the economic benefits of backbone coal mines have been fully tapped, a preliminary technical system has been formed formanagementand control of burning coals and a new path for clean and efficient utilization of coal has been developed. Here, through strategic cooperation, industrial upgrading and coordination, Yankuang Energy takes the lead and drives the innovative and sustainable development in precise coal mining, fine chemicals, equipment manufacturing, financing investment as well as the modern service industry.

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