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Operations in Shaanxi: Shaanxi Future Energy and Chemical Co., Ltd. was established in February 2011. It operates the 1 million tons per year coal indirect liquefaction demonstration project and the supporting Jinjitan Coal Mine. The coal liquefaction project owns a coal liquefaction unit with the largest unit production capacity in China. The Company is China’s only enterprise that masters both low-temperature and high-synthesis technologies. Among them, the high-temperature FT synthesis technology produces high-end fine chemicals products such as polyolefins, lubricating base oils, high-carbon alcohols and octane, which is produced firstlyin China. Jinjitan Coal Mine is a both flagship and demonstration mine in China,featuring a technology advanced and intelligent mining. According to Chinese national standards, itsgeological reserve is 1.827 billion tons, the designed recoverable reserve 898 million tons, and the coal production capacity 17 million tons per year.